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Do Refi Plus

DU Refi Plus is a Fannie Mae refinancing program that enables buyers to take advantage of lower interest rates while choosing a custom loan term. FEATURES AND BENEFITS . Low down payments beginning at just 3% of your total loan ammoun .

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The DU Refi Plus program is meant to ease some of the burdens, including financial and regulatory burdens, that are tied to refinancing a mortgage loan. The program was started by a government-sponsored entity (GSE), which is a mortgage lender in the private sector that is subject to some government involvement.

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The Desktop Underwriter (DU) Refi Plus lets homeowners whose mortgage loan is owned by Fannie Mae refinance with flexible options. Designed for borrowers who have good payment history but have been unable to refinance for a lower payment, the DU Refi Plus allows you to get lower rates without mortgage insurance.

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The Fannie Mae Loan Lookup is provided as a convenience for borrowers. Fannie Mae makes no representation, warranty, or guarantee regarding the accuracy or completeness of the results. A search that results in a "Match Found" status does not guarantee or imply that you will qualify for a Making Home Affordable refinance or modification.

The DU Refi Plus or Open Access Relief programs are designed for homeowners who owe more than 80% of the current value of their home. If you owe less than 80% of the current value of your home, a traditional refinance is the way to go. Still safe, just not as safe as a Q3 with its better-rated headlights.

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